How To Control That Is Fearing You And Become Fearless

Fear is innate, and Fear is Fear. The more you want to leave it, the more it tights your fist and takes you in its control. How can you become fearless?

Do you remember your first interview?

Do you remember your school examination?

Do you remember when you proposed to someone? Do you remember making a mistake? What was in your mind before reaching home?

Fear is an emotion that finds its outlet based on the perceived danger or risk.

The Current pandemic is fearful. Media is bombarding day in and day out, and you either stick to your Television set or you visit

The media is talking a lot about prevention and the result of nonprevention for COVID-19 i.e., the Corona Virus. Subtly, the emotion is seeping inside you. The picture of future uncertainty is shaking you up.

Today my mother called me and said, “Are you all right?”

I said, “Yes, I am.”

She said, “I am fearful and unable to sleep till 3 Am.”

She said, “what will happen? So many people are dying, and people are not still understanding.”

I said to her, “Are you watching a lot of Television?”

She said, “Yes.”

That is what the real point is. How to overcome fear?

Watch this video if you have time – No News is Good News: David Bramwell at TEDx


6 Questions To Ask Yourself To Keep Yourself Stay Right And Fit

Am I Right and Fit?

  1. What am I consuming in my mind?
  2. What do I consume in my body?
  3. How much time do I give my body to rest?
  4. What is my environment?
  5. What is my Goal and action?
  6. What are my long-term goals?


1. The Food You Eat In Your Mind


What you eat in your mind is prominent. I mean the thoughts, emotions, and feelings. As per the research approx. Sixty thousand thoughts are thought in a day, of which 55000 of these thoughts are negative. What you consume is your priority, not anyone else’s.

Tony Robbins says, “You can be afraid about what can go wrong. Or you can get excited about what can go right. Either way, you are right.

The media you consume is also the consumption in our minds. Why media rarely shows the cordial relationships across the nation, families, societies, and inside the home? Why experts say, “no news is good news.” Think how can you become fearless.


2. The Food You Eat In The Body


What do you eat?

I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor to comment, but as a general practitioner of life, I can say that the more complex the structure is more difficult it is to digest.

When you eat a plant, you are decomposing a simple cellular structure, a plan based structure. When you digest a complex cellular structure, you digest and assimilate certain emotions as well.

I am not against the meat, but for the eruption of Fear, certain documentaries and articles point towards that direction. So keep your food simple, fresh, and clean. Eat fearless food.


3. How Much Do You Sleep?


Sleep Like a child

Sleeping is as important as another activity. According to Meridan Clock, different organs are most active at different times. 

     1 am-3 am–Liver

    3 am-5 am–Lungs

    11pm- 1am–Gallbladder

    5 am-7 am–Large intestines

So if you are waking up between 1-3 Am, you are building up a lot of emotions. Your liver tries to release emotions, but what if you are not allowing your liver to detoxify?

So take care of your Liver, Gallbladder, Lungs, and large intestines. Sleep makes your fearless. 


4. Your Environment Is More Potent Than You


If you are at home, you are in comfort. If you are in school, you behave that way. If you are in the office, you act that way. Keeping your goals in focus, see that you do not create an anti-environment for you.

A pro-environment is essential. An anti-environment means the environment that is not supportive of you. Neither create one nor be in that one of the anti zones. If possible, try to change it. Be in the zone.

Athletes always refer to this as being in the zone. The “zone” is a state of supreme focus that helps athletes in all sports perform at their peak potential. What are you doing about your zone?


5. Your Goals And Actions Is The Key


Sam ovens, say, Goals and actions are two variable factors. You should change one, but not both. If you change both, you cannot understand the role of the aim or the action.

If you change the Goal, the results of the same action will be different. Ideally, keep yourself fixed on the Goal. To find the solution to how you get there, use all permutations and combinations. You can never become fearless this way.

There are various rivers to meet the sea, but if you keep changing the sea, where will your rivers meet? You will always be under Fear and firefighting mode. Decide your sea. Keep chasing your rivers.


6. Think Long Term


Long-term consistency beats short term efficiency. Take some time now and reflect on your actions. Let’s assume you are the king of your country. What will be your actions so that your people are safe, secure, prosperous, and happy?

Will your actions be guided by today or tomorrow? Today is the best time to envision your future to become fearless.

Let us do an activity now—a mental exercise. Envision what you will do when you are 50 years of age. See what you will do when you are 60 years of age. What actions will you not do today?

What steps will you take today so that your vision/image is in sync?

Visualize and realize that you are 65 years now. Your children are talking to you. You are sitting on your cushy comfy sofa. Your young adult, a present age child, says to you- Dad / Mom, are you satisfied with your life?

Is this what you wanted to do? Is this the reality you have envisioned?

What were you doing when you were 35 years of age?

What do you feel you should have done? What should you not have done?

If there was a possibility that you could change something and go back to the time 25 years ago, what was the change you would have brought? Take your notepad and write all that is coming to you. This will bring clarity to your present.



Even though Fear is something that is coming from the external world, you can still manage your most significant emotion. Think the right thoughts and become fearless.

Eat the right food. Take the right amount of sleep. Manage your environment and have a clear vision of your future. Change your actions, but not the Goal.

Was this thought-provoking?

What this article made you feel?

What is that one action step you will take today after reading this?

I  am waiting for your comments to read.

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