Here Is the Law Of The Universe To Give You Health, Wealth And Abundance

The Law of The Universe — 12 Universal Laws To Gain Health, Wealth And Abundance

Have you been thinking about the certain laws that universe obey?

Which are the certain laws that are universal?

There are certain unchanging principles that make the universe go round.

These laws create balance and harmony in nature.

If you gain knowledge of these laws you will be able to better understand how the universe works.

After gaining the knowledge you can apply these laws to your personal life.

How awesome is that?

Once a reporter asked Einstein “What is the most important question in this world?”

He replied, “the most important question in this world is, do you want a peaceful, happy, abundant world in which to live, or do you want a foreboding, fearful and scarce world?”

I want to ask the same question to you.

I am sure your answer is one of the above.

Now, How to get peace, happiness, and abundance in the world?

Start applying these 12 Universal Laws of Universe to experience transformation in every area of your life.

1.Law of Oneness

Photo by Hasan Albari from Pexels

You might feel as fragmented part of the universe but every individual, situation and everything is connected to each other.

Your thoughts and someone else’s thoughts affect you and everyone around.

According to the law, there is one energy flow and one supreme mind that governs everything. So each one of us is connected.

When you become aware of this law and believe that everything is one, the way you think and act will change.

The more you think good about others will come back to you because they are not separate from you.

2. Law of Energy

Photo by Ioannis Ritos from Pexels

According to Albert Einstein, everything is energy and energy is everything.

“ Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” — Albert Einstein

Your thoughts, people and everything in this world is made up of energy. The law of Energy also known as the law of Vibration defines that energy has countless frequency levels.

Quantum physics states that matter, when observed through a high powered microscope, will reveal tiny molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons and quanta — the smallest particle in the universe. Thus your thoughts at the minutest level are emitting energy, vibration and frequency.

Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book “Synchrodestiny” goes to a level ahead and states that the butterfly taking flight in the USA has the power to affect the whole world.

Every thought you think, every act you do is sending a vibration to the universe constantly. Thus your thoughts are electric and the law of energy is always in motion.

It is creating an Electrical field around you.

3. The Law of Action

Photo by Lennart Wittstock from Pexels

The law of action states that every action you take and every act you do has a result inherent in it.

For example, when you are angry and fires rough words at someone so you are putting the law to act.

This law must be applied to manifest things on earth.

It is always better to use this law to engage in actions to support your dreams.

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4. The Law of Correspondence

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This is the most coherent law that states that what goes on inside comes outside. Emerald said, “As above, so below.” Whatever you think inside is brought as a condition outside.

Thus your conscious and subconscious thoughts are creating a condition outside.

5. The Law of Cause and Effect

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Every condition in this universe is based on the law of cause and effect. Nothing in this world happens coincidentally. Everything happens in life for a reason.

You might not be able to see, but the effect you are having in your life is due to some cause. So change the cause to change the effect.

This law is related to your deeds (Karma) also. If you do good, good things happen. If you do bad, bad occurs in your life.

6. The Law of Compensation

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

The law of cause and effect extends to the law of Compensation which states the world is a boomerang, whatever you put in here, you will get back.

Your random acts of kindness and good deeds will bring good things in your life.

If you do bad the boomerang will bring back the bad results as compensation.

So whatever you work for, you will be compensated for the same.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Each person is compensated in like manner for that which he or she has contributed.”

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7. The Law of Attraction

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This is the most common law known to all. This was very well stated in the movie “The Secret” and people came to know about it.

Your words, beliefs and everything is attracted to you in your life through energy.

You attract people, circumstances and situations in your life.

Your Vibe attracts your tribe.

Like attracts like, so be it positive/negative — the same thing will be attracted.

According to John Assaraf, Entrepreneur and Money making Expert, “Our job is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the universe, and that;s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most.”

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

Transmutation means — the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.

The law of perpetual transmutation of Energy states there is a never-ending change of energy.

Similar to the law of physics — Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only transform from one form to the other. Thus you can change anything in the life you want.

Wallace D Wattles in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” states “Simply put, energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking from. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. As old forms are exhausted, they give way for new forms to emerge from the invisible hidden energy of the universe.”

You have the choice to accept/reject the opportunities that the universe gives you.

Energy is always in motion. Sometimes when you have great thoughts and feelings act on them. That is universal energy in motion. If you delay that, maybe in a few hours to a day you may not have the same energy.

The choice is yours to use perpetual transmutation or keep repenting.

Change your energy in your life by understanding the Universal law of transmutation.

9. The Law of Relativity

Photo by Andreas Fickl on Unsplash

This law is one of the unique law. Universe operates with relativity. According to the law, the universe keeps the things relative not everything in equal order.

As the universe has to balance everything there is good and bad.

The universe will keep giving you good and bad situations to strengthen you. When you compare your problems to other people, many would-be facing the worse situation than you. It is all relative.

Go to any religious institution and you will see abundance inside and people begging for money and food outside.

Why the situations are not the same for both? Because it is all relative.

Every obstacle is an opportunity to change your perspective and improve yourself.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book, “A New Earth”, writes, “In form, you are and will always be inferior to some; superior to others. In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization. In the eyes of the ego, self-esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth, they are one and the same.”

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10. The Law of Polarity

Photo by FORREST CAVALE on Unsplash

This is very simple to understand. Everything in the universe has an opposite. The day follows night, good follows bad and many other things follow hand in hand.

You have both positive and negative thoughts.

You think 60,000 in a day of which 55,000 thoughts are negative.

When you understand the law of polarity you understand that things will go hand in hand.

You can change your thoughts and focus on what you do want, not what you do not want.

According to Napoleon Hill, Author of “Think And Grow Rich”, “Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.”

According to The “Kybalion” ( an ancient book published around 1808) by a group of unidentified initiates, “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

11. The Law of Rhythm

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

According to this law, the universe has a rhythm for everything. There are cycles, seasons, stages of development, patterns in life.

Each rhythm or cycle reflects the pattern of the universe.

So do not get too disheartened when things go bad. It is a cycle and even that shall pass too.

When you have an extremely good time do not feel it be permanent.

Indian Scripture “Bhagavad Gita” very well talks about that. It says when you a great time do get over-excited and when you have a bad time do not forget.

In the Kybalion, it is said, “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

12. The Law of Gender

Photo by Devaiah Mallangada Kalaiah on Unsplash

According to this law, the Universe does not have one gender only. There is Masculine and Feminine energy in-universe that operate.

Some tradition states masculine energy as “Yang” / “Shiva” / “Purush” and Feminine energy as “Yin” / “Shakti” / “Prakriti

Above all, the universe always has a balance of energies so master the balance of energies.

These two energies are the basis of all creation.

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The universal force present in the whole universe is intelligent and consciously manages the everlasting harmony with the help of laws.

The laws are constant and mathematically precise in all aspects of the creation of events, conditions and circumstances experienced by everyone.

As these laws are universal these apply to anyone and everyone irrespective of age, gender, nationality and ethnicity and educational background.

Working with universal laws starts to flow the Universal energy.

Which was your biggest takeaway from this piece of information?

What more you want me to write on?

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