I will keep my life story short but still help you have a closer look into my life.

Hi, Im Ashish!

I was born in India on 6th July 1982 and grew up fascinated with life, mysteries of the universe, Business and Academics.

I am here in this World :

  1. To help people double their Income and Results in every aspect of their life.
  2. To help people realise their true potential as an individual in the areas of personal development and spirituality.


I feel gratitude towards the Universe that you are here.

As individuals, I feel we should develop a real relationship with each other.

Are you ready?

As I Value your time because I value you, I would share a little about myself.

I grew up being a studios student, not very studios though. Just scored distinction in Class 12th close to 80 per cent. So I am not a 90+ per cent Individual In terms of Academics.

Since Childhood Human behaviour always impressed me. Even in school, I use to read books “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and Other Stuff of Career Options by Usha Albuquerque.

Studied Commerce during my School days even though my mind was more of a scientific. Graduating in Commerce and then went for my PGDBM programme in Human Resource Management and Marketing in 2003.

As I was always thinking about people and wanted to help them, though I would be good fit in the HR domain and Started with Recruiting and worked with some prestigious names in Bangalore. Also got offers from some top names in the IT Industry.

As I always wanted to do something different and after working for a few years in Corporate I moved back to Academics and taught on B-Schools the subject Human Resource Management.

Having the stint of Academics for straight 8 years, I moved to Entrepreneurship and that is where all learning and changes came about.

So, I am an HR professional turned Academician, turned Entrepreneur and Peak Performance Coach.

Since 2017 I am active on the Internet and as people say “Internet is the biggest opportunity of this Century” so do I. It has opened a new way to learn, share my passion and connect with people.

As most of the times, I felt alone and always wanted some answers from the Universe I kept on searching the meaning of life and understood “Keep working on your path. the way will unfold.”

My love for my students (individuals ) kept growing since 2007. I love Personal Development, Spirituality because I feel something greater I is working. Understanding the laws of the Universe and certain other concepts helped keep growing.

With the genuine love for humanity, I kept of learning, doing Course after Courses to learn from the people best in their fields. I got greater meaning of life and my role in the universe to make my life fulfilled.

Since 2017 I always dreamt to share to people whatever I know about Personal Development, Spirituality and the Internet. This passion kept on growing and growing and today is my dire need to hold your hand and help you get results in any aspect of your life.

As my business was facing the lowest patterns in 2017, I kept on attending some Spiritual retreats, kept on reading books like “Power of Now” and “Becoming Super Natural” Something in me changed for better.

I came to know that “In the service of others I evolve.”

Even though I am Business and Economics Major, I am a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. The reason I love Peak Performance Coaching is that I want people to come out of the Cocoons and live the life of Freedom with clear concepts.

I know you will benefit from Learning the tools as I have coached Numerous people and they have become the creators of their life and destiny.

I shared my story to show that If can move from a tough life to live of Serving and Freedom so can you.

You just need to bring the “Peak Performance” to get your results.

Lots of Love,




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