Live A Lifestyle Of Miracle

Let me show you the 3 secrets to build a "Miracle Life" with amplified Wealth and Results without Pain within 90 days.


Ashish Juneja is an HR Professional turned Academician turned Entrepreneur and Miracle Life and Mindset Coach. As a founder of “Miracle Life hub,” he is on a mission to help 100000 people life Lifestyle of Miracle.

Miracle Life hub is aimed to empower people through the Law of Attraction, NLP and various other techniques. Leveraging technology one can find his mission and voice spread across the world.

Ashish rose himself from failure to success in 2014 searching for how to support his family. He looked for all the resources by after a lot of efforts understood the concept of “Miracle Life & Mindset”.

Ashish is a 36-year-old Coach, Writer, Trainer, Entrepreneur and a human at heart, teaching people worldwide to spread their wings and come out of mental, emotional and monetary challenges by becoming the best version of themselves.